Attracting customers efficiently through CRM

Align your sales activities consistently with your customers' needs and their customized solutions. P'X will allow you to design an impressive, individual product-service mix for your customers and secure decisive competitive advantages for yourself through increased efficiency in the generation of quotes and in project planning.

Standardised support for all sales channels
The needs of the global market require an integrated approach to customer service via a number of sales channels, which means that direct sales have to be coordinated in parallel with sales partner activities and customer self-service via the Internet. P'X is available as a powerful desktop application for the professional in the back office, as a mobile application for field service and sales partners, and equally as a Web application or as software for end customers, available to download via the Internet. The P'X data consistency between the different channels guarantees a seamless and harmonized sales approach.

Central sales control
Establish standards and targets in your sales process with P’X. Ensure up-to-date information and data security through the central storage of data for quoting projects on the P'X server. Enforce approval processes using rules for technical and commercial validation. Obtain sales reporting by means of analyses even on sales activities in the mobile use of P'X in field sales.

Current customer information
Master customer data such as contacts, company addresses and negotiated conditions are available in P'X, synchronized with the ERP system. Contacts can be copied into the project as a global resource by means of drag&drop; there, they are allocated to quote, billing and shipping addresses. Or drag contact data into the project from Outlook or as a vCard.

Negotiated quotes can be calculated via discount criteria based on extrapolated costs. Sales can be controlled based on margins via real-time verification of profit contribution. For example in situations, where an authorization workflow is required due to commercial approval processes.

Additional Value

  • Verified & efficient sales processes
  • Current customer information
  • Systematic requirements analysis
  • Product and project-centric solution sales
  • Visually persuasive customer communication
  • Quicker replies to customer enquiries
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