Graphical Design & Project Planning

P'X will allow you to design an impressive, individual product-service mix for your customers and secure decisive competitive advantages for yourself through increased efficiency in customized application development.

Central project management

Projects can be managed centrally on a server with P'X. Access rights can be controlled via roles and workgroups. It supports the project exchange between the back office, field service and partner. Even the online/offline data synchronization for mobile applications in the field service works seamlessly, ensuring that all people involved in the project get to work in an environment where there is data consistency.

Flexible project structuring and versioning

P'X enables project designs to be standardized in accordance with internal guidelines or to be set up flexibly in free structures in accordance with the tender criteria. The hierarchical quote or project structure includes individually configured products and services in the form of parts lists with corresponding article designations, technical features and technical descriptions.

Nodes in the project structure can be versioned to enable historical concept developments and variants in the project design to be managed. In addition to the parts lists, documents can also be assigned to the quote structure, such as performance specifications, technical documents, drawings, installation manuals and versions of quotes.

Additional Value

  • Flexible, hierarchical project structuring
  • Spatial model installation & interference testing
  • 3D installation planning
  • Automatic dimensioning
  • Reusable concept catalogs
  • Internet-based project cooperation
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