Graphical Installation Planning in 3D

Using modularization which is based on the variant capability of the P'X Product Configurator, installation plans are to be created quickly by the interactive placing of intelligent 3D objects in the room context. The planning modules can be created interactively with the Configurator, if necessary, or are available beforehand as reusable modules saved in a concept catalog. The modules contain connection points, allowing the objects to be logically attached to one another, and the connections are specified for correct cabling and pipe installation.

Thanks to its modular design concept, in P'X various drafts can be created back at the early stage of planning with a high degree of precision, and they can be compared in terms of costs and benefits. Concept studies can be communicated effectively between various experts and decision-makers thanks to the coherent representation in 3D and also as a 2D overview/side view.

Additional Value

  • Flexible, hierarchical project structuring
  • Spatial model installation & interference testing
  • 3D installation planning
  • Automatic dimensioning
  • Reusable concept catalogs
  • Internet-based project cooperation
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