Product Configuration:
Technically convincing, commercially inspiring

Impress potential customers with the virtual 3D representation of individual solutions, whether it be components, furnishing systems, machines or plants.

Command of complex products

Various customer requirements can be met with a large variety of products. However, handling this correctly is very challenging. In addition, shorter innovation cycles also means that new products can reach the market more quickly. The powerful configurator technology in P'X allows the secure control of complex products. Ordering errors are avoided and expensive consequential costs eliminated. New products are launched quickly and with minimal outlay on training via the Web-based information distribution function in P'X, allowing your innovations to reach the market successfully with shorter product-launch times.

Successful sale of highly varied products with more intensive consulting requirements

Success in sales depends principally on one factor – how well the technical product knowledge can be brought into the sales processes. With P'X there is detailed product knowledge available from the first customer contact: linked on the basis of knowledge, represented graphically in 3D or 2D and in text, as well as validated automatically with rules and calculations.

Additional Value

  • Current product knowledge at the customer frontend
  • Visually coherent product configuration
  • Rules-based solution validation
  • Avoidance of errors and consequential costs
  • Improved quality of advice
  • Shorter product-launch times
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