Persuasive Quotes

Provide your prospective customers with attractively designed, coherently illustrated quotes - they could encourage them to go ahead with the purchase.

Calculation costs, prices and discounts

P'X allows you to clearly present all the benefits of your offer, and your solution's cost effectiveness can be demonstrated through automatic requirements calculations. By transparently presenting the costs for procurement, production, packaging, transportation, assembly, and maintenance, you will increase your trustworthiness and demonstrate your customer orientation. You can apply various rebates to the price calculation to increase your chances of sales success. Even complex calculation schemas are manageable thanks to the fully-automated calculation processing. Calculation formulas and conditions can be individually customized to your business requirements, ensuring consistent offers. Rules can even be applied to calculated results - for example, total price, marginal profit contribution, or total margin - to enforce an approval process.

Templates and managed text blocks

P'X allows you to create your quotes in any currency and any languages. Thanks to the Unicode capability, this can also be done with international scripts, to support sales activities in Asia, for example. Different templates and settings can be selected to enable you to generate convincing documents at the push of a button, whether it be for rough quotes, detailed quotes, production documents or assembly instructions.

The text blocks required for printing quotes are all managed in the project and are thus used in a uniform manner and reused when quotes are revised. Text blocks exist as templates, although they can be overwritten individually. Text blocks can contain variables enabling data to be imported from the project automatically. This, the project structure in P'X serves as a specification for automatic document generation. As a result, data redundancy and duplications between the technical design and quote text are a thing of the past.

Automatic quote generation

Quotes are generated on the basis of the project structure created, whereby specific modular document blocks can be selected depending on the document template. Assemblies, individual parts, parts lists, prices, technical data and calculations can be grouped and viewed in detail across the project structure, and they can be automatically converted via templates to create structured documents in PDF format.  

Since the projects are specified graphically within P'X, 2D and 3D views as graphics form an integral part of the documents and serve as coherent and persuasive communication for customers.

Document Generation

With P’X, you can generate quotations in the currency of your choice and in any language you want. In fact, Unicode support extends this freedom to any language in the world, so that you won’t have to worry about whether you’ll be able to incorporate your sales activities in Asia, for example. This is combined with the ability to select from a variety of templates and settings, enabling you to generate compelling documents at the click of a button, whether it be for rough quotations, detailed quotations, production documents, or assembly instructions.

All the boilerplates required for printing out quotations are managed in the corresponding project, ensuring that they will be used consistently even when revisions to a quotation are required. These boilerplates are available as templates, but can be individually overwritten. In addition, they can contain variables so that data from the corresponding project will be inserted automatically. This makes the project structure in P'X serve as an automatic document generation specification, making data redundancy and duplicates between technical configurations and quotation texts a thing of the past.

Since projects are specified graphically in P’X, 2D and 3D view images are an integral part of the corresponding documents, making sure that communications with customers will be crystal clear – and compelling to boot. Moreover, in addition to hard copies, you can get electronic documents in PDF, PDF 3D, Word or HTML format at the click of a button. All in all, P’X does away with the manual work involved in preparing quotations, product documentation, and the corresponding drawings.

The P'X Consumer Communicator is available for communicating offers over the Web. It allows the project to be viewed as a 3D configuration and navigated within it. Change requests and comments can be communicated directly.

Additional Value

  • Automatic parts list generation
  • Real-time pricing
  • Margin calculation
  • Automatic quote export
  • Illustrated documents
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency support
  • Parts list transfer for processing order
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