Digitizing Retail Management



The P'X Retail Solution provides the retailer with an integrated planning environment, which efficiently links shop fitting, planning of the furnishings, and presentation of the goods. The P'X Store Solution manages sales outlets for retail chains in expansion planning as well as in ongoing operations.

Using intelligent libraries, you can create concept catalogs, which cover the entire design process, from the configuration of complex furnishing modules, decorative features and product displays, to the collection of goods. Simply drag furnishing and equipment modules and planograms from the catalog and drop them onto the ground plan of the store.

The 3D visualization improves the quality of communication between the category manager, visual merchandiser, and store planner. You can instantly calculate and analyse categories of goods, articles, and equipment parts lists with regard to quantity, costs, square meters, running meters, and shelf meters, and thus design the retail environment while optimizing your retail space and assortment at the same time. You can also calculate energy consumption and operating costs for cooling elements. Consequently, P'X integrates merchandising and the presentation of goods in one efficient optimisation process.

P'X Retail Solution

  • store planners
  • category managers
  • visual merchandisers
  • store managers
  • sales staff
  • architects
  • store fitters

Additional Value

  • Continuous store optimization
  • Integration of store planning & merchandising
  • Implementation of central standards using a flexible catalog concept
  • Web-based cooperation between the retailer and the shop fitter
  • Rapid fulfillment of change cycles
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