P'X Consulting Services

Drawing upon comprehensive experience in myriad fields of industry and proven technical P'X expertise, we create successful solutions together with the customers.

Business Concept
Each of our projects starts with one underlying question: what are the intended targets of the business? Liaising closely with our customers, we prepare a business concept, which deals with all aspects of sales strategy and lays the foundations for the organizational and technical implementation.

Product Structuring/Modularisation
Technical Sales has its full impact when product modularization and variant management have been implemented consistently. With our proven methodology, we support manufacturers in product structuring. Whether or not P'X is introduced, significant improvements can already be achieved here.

Assortment and Space Optimisation
Where retail chains are concerned, clear guidelines for store locations and assortment formation serve as the basis for ongoing optimization. This requires standardization in the classification of commodity groups, product displays and usable spaces in order to operate coordinated processes between Purchasing, Category Management, Store Planning, Logistics and Sales. We will be happy to explore avenues for improvement with you using digital imaging in P'X.

Overall IT-Architecture/Enterprise Application Integration
Steps to improve technical sales always take place within an embedded IT project. Integration and linking of processes, applications and data from PLM, ERP and CRM are necessary for achieving marked improvements. Our experts will advise you in defining the IT architecture and Enterprise Application Integration.

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