Customized Implementation

The tried and tested project sequences as well as powerful editor tools facilitate flexibility and efficiency in the modelling of product knowledge and customizing of P'X software.


We develop the customized implementation concept for P'X in workshops. Lean prototyping based on standardized approaches allows informed judgements to be made about the planned end result at an early time in the project. This serves to minimize project risks, showcase the efficiency of P'X and demonstrate the product's advantages over other solutions.

P'X Implementation
Perspectix guarantees that it is a one-stop-shop for P'X solutions. Our specialists perform their duties on the basis of a proven project-management system which includes permanent progress monitoring by our customers.

Training and Transfer of Know-How
One of our strengths is that we enable our customers to act independently in the maintenance and further development of P'X at an early stage in the project. Therefore, we run systematic user and author training courses which can be adapted to reflect customers' particular situations.

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