Quotation software: customer acquisition and quotation generation

CPQ software solution: Local, international or in the web configurator - with the P'X Industry Solution quotation software, the customer journey begins either on the World Wide Web or in the sales organization. Digital processes and error-free technical solutions increase efficiency and the number of quotations in sales.
Multichannel sales with synergy effects of the quotation software

As a quotation software, the P'X Industry Solution opens up various ways for manufacturers to approach customers that reinforce each other:

  • The field service team records the customer's requirements on site, configures individual product variants and submits its quotation immediately
  • Sales representatives remotely take customer requirements and provide quotes, 3D models and drawings in the web-based Consumer Communicator.
  • International distributors or dealers take requirements, create custom configurations, and send the results to headquarters for review before submitting quotes and accepting orders.
  • Interested parties create individual product variants in the web configurator and send the results to the head office for quotation. In this way, they quickly receive an optimal offer.
  • Catalog marketing: System providers distribute P'X product catalogs to bulk buyers who create individual configurations. You receive your offer based on the configuration file. (quotation software)

The P'X Industry Solution CPQ software solution is available as a powerful desktop application for office-based professionals, as a mobile application for field service and for sales partners. A web configurator and a consumer communicator extend the Internet marketing offering. A uniform customer approach and data consistency between the channels are guaranteed.

Central sales management

The P'X Industry Solution quotation software brings standards and uniform procedures to the sales process. Central data storage on the P'X server ensures up-to-date information and data security. Compliance with technical and commercial rules can be checked in release processes. Flexible sales reporting also covers mobile sales activities.

Current customer information

Customer master data such as contacts, company addresses and negotiated conditions are available synchronized with the ERP system. Contacts can be copied into projects as a global resource using drag & drop and assigned to quotation, invoice and delivery addresses. Contact data from Outlook can be transferred to projects as a vCard. Customer information is always up-to-date in the quotation software.

Pricing and conditions

Manufacturing costs are extrapolated with the configuration. Cost transparency with regard to procurement, production, packaging, transport, assembly and maintenance creates trust.
When calculating quotations, various surcharges and discounts, discounting specifications and exchange rates are taken into account. Even complex calculation schemes can be efficiently calculated automatically. Formulas and content can be flexibly adapted and ensure consistent quotations. Calculation results such as total amount, contribution margin or margins can be triggered with the quotation software based on rules for approval workflows.

Create complex quotes at lightning speed thanks to quotation software

Quotations are automatically generated with the quotation software along the project structure according to customizable document templates. Document modules, summaries and detailed presentations can be freely selected. Drawings and 3D representations ensure an appealing and comprehensible presentation. The documents are created as PDF, docx, odt or HTML files.

Uniform and international

All quotations can be issued in any currency and, thanks to Unicode capability, in any language, including Asian languages. All quotation data is managed in the P'X Industry Solution CPQ software solution - data redundancy and differences between technical design and quotation are eliminated.

Web frontend: P'X Consumer Communicator

As an alternative or supplement to configuration at customer sites, the P'X Consumer Communicator creates new possibilities: Configuration proposals and associated documents from the quotation software are made available in a project-specific web front end. The customer accesses them via a secure Web link and immediately views his project in 3D. Functions such as rotating and zooming are available, as are marking and commenting. The viewer can choose between installation environment or detailed view. Documents, offers or parts lists supplement the information. Presentations are independent of time and place, video conferences or telephone calls are optimally supplemented.

CPQ software solution - These are the advantages our users name:

Up to

Faster response to customer inquiries

Up to

Savings in process costs through automatic offer rejection

Up to

Fewer errors in quotation generation compared to manual processes

Up to

Higher success rate of offers through documents with images 3D representations and drawings

Up to

Less effort for multilingualism and foreign currencies

What users say about our quotation software

Read why users in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, electronics, furniture and store fitting systems, furnishing, storage and logistics systems introduce, use and recommend the P'X Industry Solution CPQ software solution.

Aluca user report

ALUCA relies on the P'X Industry Solution from Zurich-based Perspectix AG and uses the software to save up to 50% of working time when preparing quotations. The effort required to check and import products into the merchandise management system is reduced by up to 30%.

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Cefla user report

Cefla Shopfitting, is developing internationally into a leading retail design partner for retail chains and specialist retailers in food and non-food sectors. Rapid 3D detail planning with the P'X Sales Solution accelerates the creation of plausible quotation documents at branches and agencies in Europe.

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CPQ software solution: digitalization means seamless integration

Quotation software: The close integration of the quotation software P'X Industry Solution with ERP, CAD, PLM and CRM limits the effort and increases the benefits for the company. This is why Perspectix relies on global standards, open architecture and individual interfaces.

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Let's talk about your project!

Do you have questions about our offer or a specific project? We are happy to be there for you.
Call us or request an appointment for an online meeting!