3D product configurator - design

3D product configurator: The P'X Industry Solution includes a particularly powerful 3D product configurator. With catalogs, complex sets of rules and technical calculations, it depicts product systems in the installation space in virtual reality. The latest product knowledge is incorporated into every project without errors.
Efficient individualization

The trend towards the individualization of industrial products continues to grow. Many technical goods are sold exclusively in unique versions. How can technical sales master this challenge without burdening product development and design? Many manufacturers of modular product systems find the answer in the P'X Industry Solution from Perspectix and its 3D product configuration.

Complex 3D configuration

The 3D product configurator handles the configuration of product variants, machines and systems where standard solutions fail. Independent of technical areas, sales staff use it to create top-down or bottom-up individual product systems according to customer requirements.

3D product catalogs from the CAD system

Lightweight 3D files of all required components are stored in catalogs of the configurator. The catalog elements can be parameterized and provided with a list of values. By selecting the correct values, the components can be changed particularly quickly later.

These features are offered by the 3D product configurator:
  • Free composition of assemblies in compliance with technical rules
  • Maximum BOM configuration
  • Choice among different options
  • Schematic diagram layout
  • Top-down product configuration with visualization in 2D and 3D
  • Parametric propagation of feature evaluations; 150% BOM approach.
  • Bottom-up product configuration for modular systems with layout planning
  • Dynamic, rule-based module composition and aggregation through interactive shoring in 3D
  • Rule-based generation of parallel BOM structures for design, sales & manufacturing (Multi-BOM Management)
  • Comprehensive modeling approaches for product and process mapping
  • Logical, structural & geometric dependencies using rules and expressions.

Design and technical calculations with 3D product configurator

Integrated knowledge base

In the P'X knowledge base, product information is managed in an integrated manner and enriched with intelligence. Customer-specific project planning is efficient and error-free thanks to knowledge-driven automation.
Knowledge about product lines, permissible variants or configuration restrictions is recorded with many other boundary conditions in a consistent set of rules. It extends to layout planning, technical validation and project structuring. Geometric-spatial, logical-parametric and commercial conditions are recorded and continuously checked.

Technical calculations guarantee validity

The correct design of many products is based on complex technical calculations. These can be automated with the P'X 3D product configurator. This ensures freedom from collisions or minimum clearances, the maximum weight load or the minimum voltage drop. Other examples could be compliance with safety regulations or transportation guidelines. Automatic calculations save routine work and guarantee technically valid quotations.

Parts list generation and management

Products designed in the 3D product configurator generate their material BOM and costs automatically based on rules. All graphically designed modules contain correct BOM information, which is added up hierarchically across the project structure to form overall BOMs. Costs, weight and packaging volume are calculated for each project node via the bill of materials.

Consider services

The 3D product configuration is not limited to geometrically represented elements. Services, special items or provided parts can also be dragged and dropped from a product catalog into the parts list.

Empowering Technical Sales

At last, sales staff can design valid product variants independently of design and product development and present them realistically in three-dimensional layouts using the 3D product configurator. The consistency with the product development systems reduces workload, eliminates errors and improves internal communication.

Added value in order fulfillment with 3D product configuration

When quotations become orders, companies also benefit from the P'X Industry Solution with 3D product configurator. The precise project data can be used to automate internal processes such as design and assembly as well as for documentation, assembly, spare parts catalogs and installation instructions. 

CAD Automation, Computer Aided Planning (CAP)

There is a direct path from a valid 3D product configuration back to the design. Thanks to an associative link with 3D models, configuration files can control the automatic generation of corresponding CAD assemblies - right through to automatic system design.

Installation and assembly plans

Increase service quality and customer satisfaction with clear assembly instructions and installation plans. The functions of the P'X Industry Solution with 3D product configurator accompany you from the initial quotation to after-sales service.

3D product configuration: our customers achieve these benefits

Up to

Faster response to customer inquiries

Up to

Savings in process costs through automatic offer rejection

Up to

Fewer errors in quotation generation compared to manual processes

Up to

Higher success rate of offers through documents with images 3D representations and drawings

Up to

Less effort for multilingualism and foreign currencies

3D product configurator: what our users say

Read why users in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, electronics, furniture and store fitting systems, furnishing, warehousing and logistics systems introduce, use and recommend the P'X Industry Solution.

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Meeting customer requirements one hundred percent is the recipe for success at Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik. The company achieves this through a modular product range and comprehensive solution expertise. The P'X Industry Solution from Perspectix AG provides perfect process support.

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Viessmann user report

With the P'X Sales Solution from Perspectix, Viessmann Kühlsysteme GmbH in Hof, Germany, is digitizing its cold room portfolio as well as its value-adding processes.

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Epta case study

Epta is one of the world's leading companies in the field of commercial refrigeration for food and beverages, wholesale and retail. The company, headquartered in Milan, has been using the P'X product configurator from Perspectix AG in Zurich to configure customer-specific refrigeration equipment since 2012.

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Digitization means seamless integration

3D product configurator: The close integration of the P'X Industry Solution with ERP, CAD, PLM and CRM limits the effort and increases the benefits for the company. This is why Perspectix relies on global standards, open architecture and individual interfaces.

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Let's talk about your project!

Do you have questions about our offer or a specific project? We are happy to be there for you.
Call us or request an appointment for an online meeting!