P'X Consulting Services

Thanks to extensive experience in a wide range of industries and proven P'X technical expertise, we create successful solutions together with our customers.
Business Concept

Each of our projects starts with a fundamental question: What business goals are to be achieved? In close cooperation with our customers, we create a business concept that addresses all aspects of sales strategy and lays the foundation for organizational and technical implementation.

Product structuring/modularization
Technical sales develop their full impact when product modularization and variant management have been consistently implemented. With our proven methodology, we support manufacturers in product structuring. Independent of the introduction of P'X, significant optimizations can already be achieved here.
Assortment and area optimization
For retail chains, clear specifications for store locations and assortment formation are the basis for ongoing optimization. This requires a uniformly used classification of product groups, product carriers and usable space in order to manage coordinated processes between purchasing, category management, store planning, logistics and sales. We would be happy to explore with you the possibilities for improvement thanks to digital mapping in P'X.
Overall IT Architecture/Enterprise Application Integration

The optimization of technical sales always takes place in an embedded IT project. Integration and linking of processes, applications and data from PLM, ERP and CRM are required to achieve striking improvements. Our experts advise you on the definition of the IT architecture and enterprise application integration.

Customized implementation

Thanks to proven project workflows and powerful editor tools, modeling product knowledge and customizing the P'X software is flexible and efficient.

We develop the customer-specific implementation concept for P'X in workshops. Using "lean prototyping" based on standardized procedures, the planned end result can be soundly assessed at an early stage of the project. This minimizes project risks, proves the performance of P'X and demonstrates its advantages over other solutions.

P'X Implementation

Perspectix guarantees the implementation of P'X solutions from a single source. Our specialists perform their task on the basis of a proven project management system that includes permanent progress monitoring by our customers.

Training and know-how transfer

One of our strengths is that we enable our customers to act independently in the maintenance and further development of P'X at an early stage of the project. Therefore, we offer systematic user and author training that can be adapted to specific customer situations.

P'X Maintenance & Support

The P'X Maintenance and Support Program secures your software investment and provides professional customer support to satisfy P'X users.
P'X Maintenance

P'X takes effect at your interface to the market. That's why we invest permanently in the further development and integration capability of our technology to give you a continuous head start. Suggestions for improvement from our customers flow into our roadmap planning, so that the value of the P'X solution increases continuously.

P'X Support

When using our applications productively, our customers can rely on a professional support service. Whether personal on-site consulting, telephone hotline or online service: we guarantee our customers productive and profitable solutions.

P'X upgrades and release migrations

Perspectix delivers releases of P'X software with improved and new functionalities. We support our customers in the introduction of new software versions and in the migration of previous application logics to updated functionalities.