Epta case study

Epta configures cooling systems with P'X

Epta is one of the world's leading companies in the field of commercial refrigeration technology for food and beverages, in the wholesale and retail sectors as well as for hotels, restaurants and cafés. Headquartered in Milan, the company has been using the P'X product configurator from Perspectix AG in Zurich to configure customer-specific refrigeration equipment since 2012. With over 600 workstations, the system is increasingly becoming a marketing tool for meeting customers' individual requirements safely and efficiently. With the integration of further product lines and new functions enabling 3D configuration of compound systems based on complex thermodynamic calculations, the system will soon gain further momentum

As an international group of companies, Epta specializes in the field of commercial refrigeration. Around 4000 employees generate sales of around 680 million euros per year. Thanks to its technical expertise and systematic research and development activities, the group anticipates new trends all over the world. Annually, the company produces around 200,000 units under the Costan, Bennet Névé, George Barker, Eurocryor, Misa, larp and Knudsen Koling brands ...