The P'X Sales Configurator comprises project-centered CRM functionalities, as well as powerful configuration technology for control of complex sales and solution design activities.


P'X Retail Solution is planning environment that links merchandising and store planning and supports the entire planning process between the retailer, store planner and shop fitting system manufacturer.

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Press Release: Leroy Merlin Russia expands on P'X Retail Solution

Leroy Merlin, a DIY chain belonging to the ADEO Group, opens approximately a dozen of new do-it-yourself stores in Russia annually. Shopping space planning, merchandising and assortment for over 100 stores is executed with Perspectix's P'X Retail Solution. Through the end-to-end digitization solution processes have already been impressively streamlined. Read More

Press Release: P'X Consumer Communicator

The P'X Industry Solution is used in the mechanical and plant engineering, electrical engineering and furniture industries as well as for the configuration of furnishing systems for vehicles, warehouses and logistics. The high-end system replicates any product logic, however complex it may be, and seamlessly links configuration with pricing and quotation (CPQ). A new web frontend now facilitates coordination with end customers. Read more

Press Release: Migros pushes digitalization with Perspectix

Since the beginning of 2019, the Migros community has also been using Perspectix's P'X Retail Solution for visual merchandising, shelf planning and assortment optimization at around 600 sales outlets. The existing application for the planning and 3D visualization of new buildings and conversions will be extended to all cooperatives from August: the end-to-end digitalization of processes will reach a new dimension and create considerable synergies. Read more

Press Release: P'X Store Communicator connects retail management with stores

Retail chains and chain stores use the P´X Retail Solution to combine store and furnishing planning, merchandising and assortment planning within one powerful software package. Now Perspectix is adding a store communicator to this solution: store builders, store managers and merchandisers can access the 3D planning on site, exchange plans and photos and achieve greater accuracy and efficiency in collaboration with the head office. Read more
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