The P'X Sales Configurator comprises project-centered CRM functionalities, as well as powerful configuration technology for control of complex sales and solution design activities.


P'X Store Solution is planning environment that links merchandising and store planning and supports the entire planning process between the retailer, store planner and shop fitting system manufacturer.

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Dominik Eichelberg und Mateja Culjak freuen sich auf interessante Gespräche mit den Absolventen anlässlich der ETH Kontaktparty 2018 | Samstag, 3. März 2018 ETH Zürich.

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Cosmin Paun und Michael Hadorn freuen sich auf interessante Gespräche mit den Absolventen anlässlich des ZHAW Absolvententages 2018 | Donnerstag, 1. März 2018 Eulachhallen Winterthur.

National Future Day 2017

The encouragement for teenagers to find thery profession and get ideas for educations they might join, is the goal of the national future day. This year, we welcomed three teenagers in our company and did spend an eventful day with them. It seems, to configure a pizza with our software and then being able to enjoy, has been the real fun.

In our own case

The Perspectix was removed from the BORM Group and operates with immediate effect independently. The operational management and the composition of the employees remain unchanged. This step allows us to focus more on our core competency and respond more quickly to the needs of the market.

Perspectix Team-Event | Fall 2017

Work together - plan - shape and create something handmade. Meeting point: Schmiede Matt in Fehraltorf. Tools: iron, fire, hammer and tongs. Goal: To weld a piece of art from lose iron parts. For this, we first set up a plan in the team. After that, everyone has contributed a handmade piece to the artwork. Finally, we have welded the individual parts together. Later in the afternoon we drove proudly and tiredly to the island of Lützelau on the Lake of Zurich and had a barbecue with our families - accompanied by the best fall weather and blues guitarist Mike Sterki.

Team-Event Summer

For this year's Team-Event, we needed strength and endurance. In different groups, we have explored the Mythen region in Schwyz. While some of us wanted to go on top of the Mythen, others enjoyed flora and fauna. In the evening we exchanged all the experiences at a delicious barbecue event.

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